The Glastonbury Symposium releases its archives

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Andy has been the co-Mc for the renowned ‘Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers’ conference, the Glastonbury Symposium, for nearly two decades. The Symposium is now releasing many of its numerous archive video recordings onto YouTube, free to watch…

The Glastonbury Symposium, now approaching its 28th year, has blossomed to become the longest-running and most respected ‘alternative’ event in the UK. It has recently begun uploading all of its available presentations from the past few years (including, eventually, some of Andy’s), free to watch on YouTube. Several are already there, with new ones going up each month, with a programme of global promotion to ensure they receive the large amounts of views they deserve. With so many years of fascinating talks in the archives, their release opens up a real treasure trove of valuable information.

To keep tabs on all the ongoing uploads (the recent 2017 presentations should all be made available this autumn, in addition to more ongoing archive material), keep an eye on the Latest News page on the Glastonbury Symposium website, which can be found at:

For those new to the Glastonbury Symposium, this annual three-day conference held in the heart of historic Glastonbury itself sees a wide range of top international speakers and artistic presentations on unexplained mysteries and the paranormal, conspiracies and cover-ups, spirituality, new science and cutting-edge health discoveries. The atmosphere of Glastonbury and the chance to gather with like-minded seekers of all kinds in a magical setting makes the Symposium the centrepiece of the year for many attendees.

If you have never been to the Symposium before, it is time to treat yourselves! Next year’s event will be held between 27-29 July 2018.

To view details on the Symposium (where its next speaker list will appear in early 2018), together with full online booking (also available early 2018), visit its website at:

Meanwhile, here is a short video which gives a good idea of the event!