Andy’s thoughts on 2016 and 2017 – interview

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On New Year’s Day 2017, Andy was interviewed by respected truth commentator Patrick Henningsen on the popular radio show ’21st Century Wire’ and shared his thoughts on some of the key subjects worthy of further scrutiny from 2016 while also speculating on what 2017 could bring…

The interview is now available to listen to as a podcast – click here – and Andy comes into the show around 33 minutes in. Other interviewees include truthseekers Ian R Crane and Gilbert Mercier.

Subjects covered by Andy include discussion of the worryingly Orwellian Investigatory Powers Act that recently passed through the British Parliament with nowhere near the level of challenge it deserved, the likely excuse of a clampdown on ‘fake news’ being used to also close down perfectly legitimate lines of enquiry, and the misleading stereotyping in some circles of people who voted for Brexit or Donald Trump as ignorant ‘populist’ malcontents with no right to a viewpoint. Whatever one’s feeling on the latter topics, cheap dismissal of of their supporters by comedians and pundits without understanding the real currents that drive them help no-one.

The discussion between Patrick and Andy is intelligent and thoughtful and worth a listen.  The exact link is: