Andy featured in ‘RH Uncovered’


The latest edition of the south-east freebie magazine RH Uncovered features a short interview with Andy…

news-rh-magazine-oct-2016RH Uncovered is a free magazine widely delivered across the ‘RH’ (Redhill postcode) area of south-east England. This October’s edition features a page-long interview with Andy about crop circles which have appeared in the general area. The article can be read online here – scroll to page 8.

When the article was written, irritatingly for the magazine, no crop formations had arrived anywhere in this area in 2016… Ironically, after the piece had already been finalised, two did then arrive (too late for the article) in the relevant area of Surrey in the shape of the ‘alien face’ at Reigate Hill and a square design at Chaldon!