A Final Note from Andy on the Upcoming EU Vote

A final note from Andy Thomas on the upcoming EU vote…

Article - EU flagWith the big EU vote upon us, it is sad to see that the level of debate never rose to what was so vitally needed, on either side. With the key issue of democracy eclipsed by unprovable arguments over the economy and arguments over immigration, we have been neatly distracted from comprehending some of the most important issues. Meanwhile, the reprehensible way the tragic death of MP Jo Cox has been abused by elements of the Remain camp to win votes has seen political propaganda sink to a new and sickening low. There should be NO connection made between the actions of a crazed killer and the EU vote, and anyone deciding on such a basis should think very carefully about how they are being manipulated by people who plainly have no morals.

My personal views are now well-known; that only leaving the EU will give us the chance to escape from the totalitarian superstate that the EU is set to become. Leaving is not a perfect solution, but currently a necessary one. We need to think twice before giving away on a plate a reasonably fair system, that took a thousand years to build, in exchange for a totally undemocratic and unremovable board of elitists who have nobody’s welfare but their own in mind. If we do collectively choose to remain in the EU, we will have to come to terms with the fact that we no longer live in a real democracy and think carefully about where the fight for liberty must take us next. Do we just roll over and kick our legs in the air, or begin a new campaign to secure as much freedom as is possible within such a system? Personally, I will choose the latter, but I still hope for something better.

We have a chance on 23rd June to choose a more positive path. Let us avoid the irony of using democracy to irretrievably remove any chance of further democracy in the future.

We must vote as we will, of course, but if anyone is still struggling to make up their minds and hasn’t seen my two articles, offered without any coercion or cheap tubthumping, they may find them helpful in focusing their thoughts. Here is a last chance to read them:

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Followed by a compilation of some of the informative emails and links I received in response:


Whatever happens, let us hope for wisdom and insight, not reactionary hyperbole. The next few days, and perhaps the months beyond, are going to be very interesting ones for Britain…


[UPDATE!: Andy will post a new article up reflecting on the extraordinary result in the next few days – watch this space.]